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We believe the technology and systems available through LifeMark are among the best in the broker/dealer industry.  The LifeMark website is the main portal to consolidate the resources and tools needed to service our clients and grow our advisors' practices.

Client Management

LifeMark's Client Management System was formed in 2001 by financial advisors who were frustrated by the lack of easy-to-use and accurate practice management tools. Their collaboration resulted in a revolutionary view of how to build a data consolidation and reporting platform that’s fast, accurate and hassle-free. Today, the platform is recognized as providing reliable solutions to investment professionals and management organizations of all sizes.

Through the client management platform, financial advisors can increase their productivity and deliver better service to their clients by spending less time managing client data and spending more time building relationships. The web-based system integrates a broad range of functions—including portfolio management, data aggregation, reporting, CRM, regulatory compliance and online document management.

Optical Storage

It's smarter.  A comprehensive, closed-loop system continuously gathers and catalogues information.  By gathering and merging all relevant client data, the system not only promotes improved client relations, it dramatically enhances cross-servicing opportunities.

Online Document Storage / Imaging
Complete, account-based document storage.
Image documents from a scanner in one step.
Unlimited file types, scanned images.
Accessible across the enterprise.
All entries time and date stamped for compliance regulations.
All information is stored indefinitely.

Consolidated Statements

It's easier.  The client management system is extremely easy to use.  LifeMark's system was initially designed by an advisor who was dissatisfied with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems he had purchased for use in his own business.  The result is a platform that is fast and easy to use, with an advisor's emphasis on production and efficiency.

Account Aggregation
Web-based client access.
Multiple reporting options make it easy to present the portfolio.
Aggregate statements by individuals or households.

Online Commissions

LifeMark's production management system provides representatives access to their latest production information on-line, any where, any time.

View current and past commissions.
Detailed trade information.
Archived commission statements.
Client listing.

Trading Platform

Wealthscape is a brokerage technology platform provided by National Financial Services, LLC (NFS), a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments.  Through this web-based brokerage and wealth management workstation, advisors can perform advanced order management and trading, customizable one-click client account information and client performance reporting.

Brokerage Technology Platform.
Online Trading.
Account / Performance Reporting.
Market Research.
Online Cashiering.
Client Access.

Financial Planning

As the world evolves, the financial challenges facing clients evolve too.  To help clients reach their financial goals, financial professionals need to see more, know more and do more.

LifeMark's wealth management system provides visibility into all clients' assets.  So advisors see more, even assets they don't manage.  It allows them to gain a holistic view of their clients' complete financial situation, so they know more about their clients' life style and more about their financial goals.

By allowing our advisors to know more, our Wealth Management System helps you do more; like getting your clients financially organized, identifying more opportunities to serve their needs, and providing unique online collaboration and monitoring tools.

Online Profile

LifeMark's Online Profile allows representatives to take advantage of the growing demand for internet accessibility. Tying the advisors' practice to LifeMark's domain provides opportunity to expand web presence while maintaining independence. 

Creating a LifeMark branded 'online brochure.'  
Capture the LifeMark look with a branded URL. 
Add links to a personal website.
Include a personalized message.

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